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О нас

This site is the official site of the Transylvanian Coven.


Our goal is to popularize ancient knowledge and make Coven more powerful. We are ready to train newcomers, give scholarships to the most talented students of schools and universities, provide work in Coven and help build a career in different areas for this. Those participants who passed the initiation rites and became Initiates will have access to all the knowledge and secrets of Coven that will help you solve any problem. And also you will receive monthly financial payments, we support and care for our adherents.

Members of our Coven have already received high positions in many state and business structures, we need that such initiates in business and in power become as much as possible.

The main task we see is the education of true Magicians, as well as the creation of a powerful organization to make modern society more just and merciful, using the full potential of ancient knowledge.

Together with the rituals of activating magical abilities, you will receive a FREE Tarot, which is able to change any situation here and now, as well as the HIGHER sexual ritual.

Ask yourself what you are ready for
Understand that you are not here by chance, so everything is planned that there are no casual visitors to this project. Make your step into magic.
Key Persons
Марина Крестовская
Автор и руководитель проекта.

Живёт в Будапеште, Венгрия.

Потомственный эзотерик, таролог с многолетним стажем, автор курса по корректирующим раскладам Таро. Основные направления в работе - бизнес и любовная магия. Дипломированный семейный психолог.