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Real love spells

2019-10-08 19:20:00

The concept of "magic" came to our language from the eastern "magi" - the sacred science. In modern interpretation, practical magic is understood as a certain kind of energy that we cannot fix, see with our own eyes, but we can feel the result of its impact. This is something that is put into action not by physical efforts, but by the forces of the mind and will of those who are endowed with special knowledge.

A real, working magic of love is a complex of rituals completely taken from the traditions of black magic.

Modern magicians do not divide magic into black and white, because this division is very conditional. The difference is rather in the degree of impact, some attributes and attraction of certain elements, than in something more significant. Powerful and effective spells that can give you exactly what you see in your heart love or can quarrel your loved one with a rival, is only in the black magician's arsenal.

Let's see what a magical effect on a person. This is an appeal to otherworldly invisible forces. Speaking the magic text, the magician on the astral, subtle level creates a certain thought form, which gradually becomes material. A love spell, as a rule, works with the energy field of a particular person. With the help of certain words, a program is laid out in the field, which will be actively realized in the form of the appearance of love towards you, the desire to communicate. To enhance the effect, often used ritual items and personal belongings on who is impacted.

The Internet is full of various rituals, descriptions of actions for creating love magic. 99% of all this information is of no use. It is invented, created by those people who want to "promote" their site. After all, the topic of love is relevant and very interesting to the average person.

Reliable one percent is very difficult to find among the "garbage" presented on the forums and in chat rooms. It belongs to really strong magicians or Covens, sacred purpose of which is to promote ritual magic in modern society.

Although there is a wide range of different love spells, the essence of this magic is to create your own attractive mental image and inspire it in the subconscious of the person who interested you. As a result, you become more interesting and more attractive for the object of your feelings, he will more often remember and think about your person. His mind will create pictures of his physical and emotional contact with you. He will crave to be near you as often as possible and for a long time.

Love magic is designed to set the internal vibrations of two people in a single resonance. In other words, your "inner music" begins to sound in one common rhythm and in one common key. As a result, the person on whom the love magic is directed, begins to feel emotional and physical attraction to you, feels the need to be near you more often.

All this, as a rule, takes place in real life, when, during the contact of two people, they exist and interact on the “love wave” that is common to them. Of course, different people have different nature, personal particular inclinations and predispositions. You can only say one word or just smile and for some people this is enough to instantly fall in love. Seducing others is a long game or even a job. In addition, there are many unexpected reasons that can prevent the development of tender feelings and desires. Often people are too busy, they work a lot, they have a huge number of cases, problematic contacts and responsibilities, all of which always destructively affect human love relationships. Even having feelings for someone, many people cannot find the strength to develop this love in themselves, so gravitates over all of us the complexity of everyday realities.

Magic aims to contribute to the development of new sensations. It can help your partner make the necessary decision and take the initial action. However, you must not forget that magic can bring disappointment and even loss, both for you and for those to whom your magic spell is directed.

To avoid this, be sure to follow these rules.

All your magical actions should be based on the combination of feelings, thoughts and desires. Creating a simultaneous magical effect on all areas of the human soul, can restore or strengthen what you are really looking for in a person. If you work only at one level - stimulate only passion and desire, but completely forget about feelings, or Vice versa you want to excite in the partner only his love, but do not affect in your spells sexual relations - this can break the inner harmony and cause external contradictions in within man.

If you are looking for love with a partner who is not interested in you or already has a strong marriage relationship, you are going against the natural flow. Even if you are able to resist it, you will need to take a certain amount of magical actions that eventually lead to what you want, but do you need it?

All this answers the question of possible negative consequences, when a person begins to go against the natural tendency of development and is not at all ready to take on additional simple obligations.

Due to individual differences and predispositions, some people are more susceptible to certain types of love spells, others need to involve other methods of magical influence. You must use the magic methods and rituals that are most suitable for you and your loved one.

Therefore, to attract into your life the desired love and harmony, it is best to use the services of a strong experienced magician. But it is quite acceptable, if you temporarily do not have the opportunity to spend a rather large amount on such services, purchase a ritual on a serious solid site of a magical organization.

But do not even try to use dubious free recipes that have flooded the Internet. In the best case, you just lose precious time, at worst, you can expect negative consequences to cope with which only the ritual of magical purification can cope. You may even have to do it repeatedly.

"Cheap" and "fast" - how compatible are these concepts when it comes to love magic? Any serious master will smile sarcastically at the statement that it is possible. Qualitatively, you can not do the work in a few minutes, it requires certain rituals that take time. Even the most powerful experienced magician, who has paranormal abilities, can not change the laws of Existence and speed up some processes. And will someone do a serious job or give a really working ritual cheap?

The fate of a person can not obey the wave of a magic wand, love can not flash instantly. In order to change the behavior of another person according to your desire and influence him with the help of magical love rituals, it is necessary to follow the rules and terms established by Nature.

In the lunar month there is a certain number of days when you can perform an action and the magic rite will work only when the cycle ends. Time is a valuable assistant even in such matters as love magic, only you need to know how to properly dispose of them.

Love magic is most effective at certain times. Friday - Venus day - is the most suitable for love action. The moon, during your magical actions to strengthen and reveal your magical powers must be growing. Also remember that midnight and noon, this is the best time to put a love spell on your chosen one.

But most importantly, magic should be an addition to reality, and not its complete replacement. Thus, for the success of magical secret actions, you must not only wait and hope, but also continue your daily love "work" in real life. Take advantage of the variety of techniques of seduction of your partner. Use the magic of scents and fascinating words, art masters of style and fashion. Create a new attractive look.

To attract love, as they say, all ways are good.

Before resorting to the help of a magical rite, think a few times whether you really love a person so much and want to be with him until the end of your days or can still live without him. Maybe you just enough simple, made with all your love of ritual, which will work only three years. Despite the relative short duration, such magical actions also have very great power and can so bind to your beloved, that if you suddenly fall in love with another, do not turn away from the bewitched.

So think before you resort to such a serious extent as spells to affection of your loved one.

If you want to break up with him, it is necessarily to spend several times the magical ritual of purification, in relation to the one to whom you directed the power of magic. Remove your impact will be fair and equitable.

Love spell you can do yourself, but one important condition must be observed, there should be no witnesses around and you can't tell anyone about this magic ritual. Not before you're going to do it, and never after it has been made.

Before you begin the love spell, if you decide to do everything at home and yourself, you must carefully read the instructions, learn all the words by heart, or practice to read everything without hesitation. To create a magical effect, it is very important, otherwise the ritual will not work and will have to be redone.

Before you make a final decision, it is desirable to draw up a horoscope for compatibility. He will show not only how likely the union of two people is, but also tell you exactly what day and hour it is best to conduct the ceremony. The horoscope can tell you not do a love spell. Not so often, but it happens that the fate of two people, under any pretext will not intersect. Whatever you do, no matter how many love spells would order, whatever forces are attracted to help, the stars can be located exactly to you in such a way that they will oppose your reunion. They will prevent your love. In this case, no matter how bitter it is, you should accept such a verdict. To argue with the stars is more expensive, and it is senseless, the heavenly bodies are always stronger.

Therefore, think about everything carefully, but by making a decision, do not waste time and act to get what you want. You are worthy of love, even if it came to you with magic.


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