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How to break up a couple

2019-10-08 19:25:00

Magic is only a tool, a person decides how to use it. 

Creation and destruction are two sides of witchcraft, and often the second of them is more useful. There is a huge number of ways to destroy the close relationship between people, the main thing is to clearly understand for what purpose you are going to do it. 

Love magic can be applied in a variety of situations, even when a person wants to use it to separate the family couple. It is necessary to understand that behind such a magical ritual, in rare cases, but there can be negative consequences, so it is worth thinking carefully whether it is necessary to do so. 

The first thing that comes to mind when you need to break the relationship, a simple ritual to make couple quarrel. The impact is very obvious, the people on whom it was rendered, begin to actively swear, expressing old grievances and coming up with new reasons for conflict. The result of such magical influence, inability to be near and a keen desire to part as soon as possible. 

Such a ritual can be done for all cases requiring quarrels.

- The rite is suitable, for example, to make to the to spoil the relationship between two relatives; 
- Scold close friends or business partners 
- Take a husband or wife away from the family, making life in the family unbearable; 
- To return the spouse, "disarming" the third superfluous. 

The ritual works quickly, for a few days. During this period, victims of exposure will "enjoy" constant skirmishes with each other. Mutual irritation will not allow them to reconcile, pretty soon the relationship will break up completely. But it should be taken into account, a one-time effect is not able to completely separate, so the ritual should be regularly repeated on the descending moon. The "dying" month phase contributes to destructive influence, causing the accelerated completion of all processes. 

Those women who know how to spoil a relationship in a couple forever without magic, should be good experts in the field of human psychology. Separation of loving spouses, can take several long years and cost the mistress too much. It happens that a long and hard battle for a man ends with the complete victory of a legitimate wife. 

Not everyone can fight half a lifetime for one man. That is why many girls use the limitless power of love magic. Different variants of rituals for love and parting, help quickly enough to achieve the desired. 

It is a mistake to think that the rituals of parting act to the detriment. It is not always the purpose of magic to destroy strong family relationships. Very often a strong ritual on the quarrel of husband and wife is used in the case when love in the family is no longer there. One of the spouses can use this method to put an end to the relationship. This often happens when neither of the two can decide and take on this responsibility and that is ready to change their relationship in this way. 

Features of magic. 

Love magic can be white or black. The rituals of white magic act softer and do not use the help of demonic entities. The result is not immediately apparent and increases gradually. 

The rites of white magic people use mainly for good. For example, when you just need to push a person to the final decision, when the desire of the sorcerer coincides with the desire of the victim, but the courage to take the decisive step is not enough. 

The rites of black magic help to achieve a lightning-fast result. The victim's desire is not taken into account. Thus, the forces called upon to help manipulate the feelings and desires of man. 

Black magic makes no difference, its task is to get what it wants. But neither black magic nor white is usually a sin. It is a sin of the attitude of the person who performs the rite, the presence or absence of his moral principles. 

Therefore, if you are unsure of the correctness of your actions, postpone reading the conspiracy for a period of time. Think about everything, weigh all the for and cons. If without a lover you are not happy, boldly read the conspiracy. 

The use of white magic does not provoke dangerous magic kickbacks. The biggest nuisance that can happen to an experienced sorcerer is a small malaise or a minor loss. In the case when the rite was used for good, without any selfish intentions, the magical rollback may not affect the person at all. 

The exception scan is ancient magic rituals, which are guaranteed to be safe. They are presented in the RCM project and in some others that can be found on the Internet. 

Every time a magician turns to the dark otherworldly forces for help, he is waiting for a reckoning. These entities are not used to working "for thanks." They will definitely charge for their services. Therefore, before you turn to such powerful forces for help, it is necessary to think carefully. 

In the case when the rite is performed independently at home, after its completion it is necessary to pay for the work of otherworldly entities. If the guide to the rite itself says nothing about the method of payment, it can be done with the help of a universal method. 

At midnight go to any intersection. With your right hand over your left shoulder, throw the chosen payment. Paper money or coins are best suited. To pronounce "paid" and to return home without turning around and not talking to anyone. 

The rituals of white magic work best when directed for good. They help to save the family, having a rift in the relationship of the mistress and the rightful spouse of the witch. Sometimes, on the contrary, spells on separation, help the couple to make a difficult, but necessary decision to terminate the relationship. 

All rituals aimed at breeding people must be carried out during the descending moon. The most effective days for women are Friday, Wednesday and Saturday. And men are better to conjure on Thursday, Tuesday and Monday. It is not recommended to do magic on Sunday at all. 

As mentioned above, the services of black magic are better without a strong desire not to use. In the event that a final decision is made, the ritual must be perfect strictly according to instructions. Amateurs should never be allowed. This is necessary to get the result you want. 

You never tell anyone about the ritual. 

Love magic, as it is known, combines not only rites to attract, incite passion, but also to weaken the will and craving for rivals and rivals. Such magical rites have a special name, a turnaway. Such a ritual involves the destruction of energy bonds based on the emotional, sexual or other attachment of two objects by carrying out magical influences. 

The basic rule of the ritual of turn, night time at the descending moon, which in the course of the action will symbolize the diminishing interest and desire for someone. In addition, you can read the turn yourself to get rid of love longing for someone. 

Many advise to conduct a turn at home, saving themselves from the flame of burning passion and inadmissible love. Of course, to conduct a magic ritual in the walls of a typical city apartment is not easy, but if you can not cope with your emotions, it is necessary to try to get the desired result. 

The main way to cool the fervor towards a person is called a skeleton that speaks for itself. To cool to a person, to stop dreaming in a dream and in kind will help such a ritual. The ostuda is basically a black magical effect, which can lead to completely unpredictable consequences if something during the ceremony went wrong. In this regard, be very careful about the information that is presented here. 

First, before you do a ritual to break up a relationship or a ritual to cool partners at home, make sure that no one interferes with you. Second, after the final turn, don't talk to anyone until the next day. 

Preparing for the ritual 

Preparations for the turn will take exactly a week. You can start it any day except Sunday. Don't start turning back on the full moon. The best time before sunset. The first day is dedicated to creating rules of what is strictly forbidden to do during the turn. This list includes prohibitions on alcohol consumption, scandals, depression, overeating. Once you break any of the rules, you start the preparatory week again. This is necessary to accumulate energy, which will be spent a lot during the turn. 

If you use a strong conspiracy to divorce spouses living together, it is important to understand that this is a black conspiracy, because through it you interfere in someone else's family. Between husband and wife there is a special space, which is to break only the strong ritual of black magic, only with such influence you can really get the desired result. 

What can be the negative consequences of it? 

If someone, therefore, wants to break up a couple, beat off a married man and marry a man, then of course it is possible. But the fact is that in a relationship built, thus, the man will often be opposed to a woman. The discord in their pair is common. Even if they create a family, in this family will not be happy, unless a man in the former relationship with his wife was not ready for a breakup, which led to the relationship with his mistress. 

The lover or lover should also take into account the fact that, having received, thus, a loved one can fall into some kind of addiction. The fact is that in such a ritual the will of man is violated, which means that he does not control himself as well as before. 

For parents who thus want to separate their children, it is important to understand that in this way they impose corruption on grandchildren. Exceptions are only ancient rituals that guarantee complete safety. 

For spouses who want to get out of marriage in such an impure way, it is important to understand that they are breaking the sacred ordinance of marriage and it will be difficult for them to get their happiness in the new relationship. Except in cases where white magic was used for the new feeling. 

Love is an unexplored feeling that lives in the bowels of our consciousness, which forces us to do reckless things. A feeling that has a creative and destructive property. Long years, lived in a happy family life, can be interrupted by one unhappy day, when you have someone else in your relationship, or your feelings will simply go out, as the last rays of the sun at sunset. 

Everyone sometimes has a desire to part with his loved one, sometimes it becomes so strong that to seek help to magic is simply necessary. In difficult life situations comes help in the form of rituals for the destruction of relationships or their creation. There is a rite for each case. Correct witchcraft will be not just magic, but a panacea for a special case when there are no other options. 

Black magic and psychology. 

Skepticism is caused by psychologists, especially those who try to remove the effects of magical effects and claim that it is actually depression, nervous breakdown, fatigue or self-doubt. They want psychological methods to bring people back to each other, so that they live together, when the someone uses black magic to keep them apart. 

Unfortunately, psychology here is absolutely useless. To withstand a magical attack, you need an experienced magician. Surprisingly, although psychology is powerless against black magic, practicing black magicians, especially highly skilled, often use their knowledge in the field of psychology. It began not today or yesterday, but many centuries ago, when there was no such magic as we know it now. This began at a time when there was only shamanism and various esoteric disciplines associated with it. Back then, people knew nothing about psychology as a science. However, they understood how the human mind works, and that controlling it, were able to control the energy of people, hence their destinies. 

The most popular and effective method of strong psychological impact, used in black magic, allows you to fully control the victims of black spells, as well as curses and other effects, positive and destructive. Very few people remain calm listening to such news. People are usually terrified. Moreover, they focus on their weaknesses, trying to imagine how black magic will hit their thin bodies through the furet. 

So always remember and if you suspect the magical effect, use the ritual of cleaning yourself and the premises in which you live. 

On the Internet you can find a lot of free rituals, but remember, no one will ever give something valuable for free. Chances are you'll waste your time having fun with texts invented by professional copywriters that have nothing to do with magic. Created to attract visitors to the site, create traffic and earn on advertising. 

Therefore, although magic and psychology are intertwined, to achieve the goal it is better to use both together. Magic, backed up by even the slightest knowledge of psychology, becomes a more powerful weapon in the struggle to achieve the desired result. 

And it is always better than to pass by your happiness with tears. 

Magic, especially ancient, adapted to the conditions of the modern city, which is on the site of the RCM project and on some other sites of really strong magicians, will allow you to become happy today. 


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