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Full moon love spells

2019-10-08 19:37:00

One of the conditions for carrying out magical rituals is the phase of the moon, and it determines the direction of the rites. All creative actions are carried out on the growing phase and in the period of full moon. Rites, which are aimed at causing harm, destruction, zombification, spend on descending. 

An ancient ritual made during the most detailed phase of the lunar cycle, one of the most complex love rituals that can be carried out on its own at home. In addition, time is of great importance for such rituals, as a rule they are held in such a way that the last words of the conspiracy are pronounced at midnight. Non-compliance with all the rules of the ritual, may not give the desired result, do not bring into your life love. And the consequences of such an incorrectly done ritual, can be absolutely unpredictable. 

The more rare astrological phenomenon, Lunar Eclipses, is a very important point of the year that can help change your life and improve it. For the eclipses of the moon to benefit, you need to know some secrets and use rituals that help to tune in to the desired wave and bring to life what you want. 

At this time, the program for the desired action in magic is amplified, during this period a lot of energy converges, while the field of earth and space in this short time needs to have time to prepare everything necessary for the ritual and have time to hold it. In the eclipse itself, the higher powers give you what you want, be sure to try to take advantage of this magical time. 

The day of the solar eclipse, truly mystical, black sorcerers and magicians send corruption, which is almost impossible to remove, conduct rituals that change the fate of people and the fate of entire states and regions. On this day for people who do not practice magic, it is worth thinking about the future, planning personal life and career. Be careful with your desires, they can be fulfilled. 

Full moon, this is the period of the lunar cycle, in which the luminary reaches the peak of growth, while its influence on all living things is maximized and reaches its highest level. At this time, plants grow especially fast, all the restorative processes are increased at times, metabolism is activated. The person's complete moon influences even more. In this period, any new beginnings are good. 

During this period, the activity of the human brain reaches a peak, not stopping even at night. There is a feeling that you are bursting with energy, you are charged with forces, there may be a desire to do the impossible. This state should be used to achieve your goals. At such moments, it is recommended to do important and necessary things. It's time to realize what lacked enthusiasm or energy, while everything will turn out perfectly, even it may seem that you caught luck by the tail. 

The full phase of the moon is when its illuminated disk in the form of a bright circle is visible from the Earth. Astronomers can calculate the onset of this moment up to minutes, at the same time of the full moon, it is a period of several days when the moon, which we see, does not look different from the full moon. It is believed that at this time, a lot of lunar energy is spilled on the Earth and magical power is transferred to all living things. 

For this reason, conspiracies committed in full moon have the greatest magical power. At this time, both positive and negative energy resources are activated, so there are some rules on what exactly can and cannot be done at this time. 

During the descending phase It is better to postpone visits to government agencies on significant business for you. 

· It is better to postpone litigation and filing lawsuits for another time. 

· If you perform a rite, the goals must be meaningful and specific. You can't solve small problems with the energy of the night sun. 

But, during the full lunar disk and new moon, there are many positive new possibilities. 

· You can prevent hostile actions of enemies, nullify the machinations of your detractors. 

· This is a great time to promote health, acquire beauty, replenish vital energy resources. 

· You can easily bring success and wealth into your life. 

· And most importantly, this is the best time to excite love passion and attract love. 

There are certain rites, rituals and conspiracies on love, which need to be performed at such a time. Do not forget that at this time the evil beginning (followers of black magic, kidnappers of other people's energy) is as active as the good. 

Therefore, it is better to take some protective actions before the beginning of the rites. 

For example, a pin pinned to the inside of your clothes will be suitable for protection. It is very important to sincerely believe in what you are doing, to concentrate your thoughts on a positive result, to think only about the good, then everything will turn out. 

The spell made on the full phase of the lunar disk, designed to attract to you love men requires great concentration and utmost attention, as well as compliance with all the unspoken rules of ceremonies. Before any esoteric rituals, it is necessary to stick to fasting for at least three days. 

The day before

it is recommended to take a shower and change clothes for the reason that during the day on clothes and hair accumulates a large amount of negative energy. Magical actions are recommended all alone, so that the light from the night luminary falls out the window. For your personal protection, recommend using salt or chalk, which circle the full circle, around its axis. 

· It is not recommended to conduct a spell on love in a bad mood, because morale is the key rule of a successful result. 

· Ceremonies for women are held on women's days, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and for men on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

· No kind of cold actions are held on large church holidays and on Sundays. 

· It is categorically not recommended to work with energies during pregnancy, because it can damage the unborn child. 

· Texts in rituals should be well-remembered and it is desirable to learn them by heart, so as not to interrupt the action. If for some reason, it was necessary to stop, it is recommended to start the action again. 

· At the end of all actions, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly under running water. 

· Esoteric actions aimed at blocking the will of the person and zombified personalities can lead to irreversible consequences for both the victim and the customer of the rite. 

Problems can occur if the description of the ritual does not say that it is completely safe for the person who makes it. Such rituals are on the website of the RCM project and some other sites owned by strong magicians and magical organizations designed to popularize ancient magic in modern society. 

· All items that are used in the process must be purchased directly for this purpose and never used in everyday life. 

All energy rites imply a ransom for the dark forces for their assistance. It can be small coins, alcohol, food or drops of own blood, which after the ritual should be thrown at the crossroads and return home without talking or looking around. 

Spells are read in such a way that the climax will occur on the eve of midnight. This is a prerequisite that launches the necessary energy programme to fulfill one's desires. 

Consequences of magic rites 

· A strong love spell has efficiency and speed of impact, but it is one of the harsh rites that carries a guaranteed result for both the victim and the customer. 

· At the beginning of the rite, man. affected may be at a state of confusion. During this period, the fascinated does not understand what is happening to him, but feels an irresistible desire for intimacy with the customer of the rite. 

· The first signs of magical influence are poor sleep, insomnia and brokenness in the morning. 

· Exacerbation of chronic diseases, reproductive dysfunction, abortion and preterm birth. 

· There is a violation of the psycho-emotional state, aggression, excessive nervousness. 

· On the night of the action, a person may have a dream indicating the possible impact of the magic plan. 

· Aggression and negative emotions in the direction of the customer of the gate can be directed after marriage. This is manifested by uncontrollable jealousy and physical reckoning. 

To prevent this from happening, do not make a ritual to attract love, which you found freely available or from a dubious magician who produced it for you for a small sum. 

Magicians with experience and power, as well as working ancient rituals and spells, you will never find for free or for little money. 

Therefore, before you make a magical action and get with it desired, meet love or bring into life something new, carefully choose a source of information or a professional and only then act. 

And of course use the necessary phase of the night luminary.


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