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Scandinavian and Aryan runes

2019-02-17 15:23:00

Runes and runic magic are the most ancient and traditional tools of Coiena.

Those who have never encountered runes can decide that the simple ancient alphabet, and the rune alphabet-Futark, it is first of all the alphabet, can not influence events. But it is not true.

From the depth of the ages Scandinavian and even more ancient and sacral Aryan runes came to us. And despite the external differences, both Futarka are incredibly powerful magic instruments. Each rune has its directional energy, its ancient strength and made of runes drawings-runescript; used in the decorated clothing, and hidden in drawings and designs.

Despite the modern design, the drawings on our T-shirts have such runescript. On men’s T-shirts are encrypted runescript on the masculine force, on the female runescript on appeal. And if you buy a T-shirt that was energetically charged on the joint ritual of the higher hierarchs Covena, you will be stunned by the effect that brings into your life such energetically charged thing.

Buy and Wear with pleasure a beautiful thing charged with the power of ancient magic.

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