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Gray magic and Mysteries Transylvania Covena

2019-02-17 15:23:00

Not so long ago, in the archives in Vienna were found and declassified ancient manuscripts, which told about the Ritual of love magic when it comes to same-sex partners or even secret marriages. In ancient times, when these treatises were written, the attitude towards such couples was hypocritical, they were condemned by the church, but in castles and monasteries, such unions were.

Therefore, even monarchs resorted to Hierarchs Transylvania Covena to arrange and improve their secret or explicit love alliances. One of the founding principles of the Charter of Covena, which is at least a half millennium, is absolute tolerance to sexual preferences of those who need magical help.

Therefore, the rituals were adapted to the modern city, improved with more modern knowledge and are given for use by all comers to follow the path of magic. Use the rituals of the Gay magic section in which intertwined together the rituals of medieval Europe and the hot energy of voodoo magic from the African continent.

Believe me, this bright mixture of knowledge will quickly and easily help you to achieve your goals on the way of gaining a happy and harmonious union. Do not be afraid to use more powerful rituals, they are a little more difficult in incarnation, but the result is worth it. After all, in the end you will get what will make you happy and harmonious-the love of your chosen or chosen, as the rituals are ready to help you in both ways.

Get happiness and harmony using the unique rituals of gay magic.

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