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Black magic
How to impose a curse
The main advantages-the curse is cheaper than the killer and criminal is not punishable. The main minus-if you do not consider yourself right, it is better not to mess with such a thing as a curse. That's basically all, then you need to know before you perform the ritual.
Remove the curse, evil eye, or damage
Curse, as well as domestic spoilage, are the main products of black magic. Of course you look in the mirror and no changes, except for the dull expression of the face cannot see, but all around every day gets worse and worse.. This is the main signs of magic impact when everything is bad, and everything goes wrong. Of course, in addition to the professional corruption, which is done with the help of magic attributes, there are more household options.
Transylvanian and Voodoo magic
This is quite a long story, but I will try to make it sweet and short. About 150 years ago, when the magic of Voodoo became known and those in Vienna became interested, so representatives of the Hierarchs clan traveled to Africa. It was a very long expedition, which lasted for a decade, but the magicians who came back learned everything and became voodoo shamans, they received invaluable knowledge from African shamans.
Scandinavian and Aryan runes
Runes and runic magic are the most ancient and traditional tools of Coiena. Those who have never encountered runes can decide that the simple ancient alphabet, and the rune alphabet-Futark, it is first of all the alphabet, can not influence events. But it is not true.
Dark magic for every day
For some reason it is believed that using dark (combat) magic you cause evil and it is bad. Not exactly. No one has yet responded with dark magic to goodness. By the rule, a person is caused a lot of evil before deciding to answer in the the same way. Therefore considering yourself evil and feeling guilty, for applying dark magic is not necessary. Even more so that all our rituals are designed to be used in the direction of damage to the dark energy that you have already received. Therefore, you simply return the inflicted evil.
Gray magic and Mysteries Transylvania Covena
Not so long ago, in the archives in Vienna were found and declassified ancient manuscripts, which told about the Ritual of love magic when it comes to same-sex partners or even secret marriages. In ancient times, when these treatises were written, the attitude towards such couples was hypocritical, they were condemned by the church, but in castles and monasteries, such unions were.

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